Your Role As A Franchisee

As a Tezlom Franchisee, you do not need any previous experience within healthcare or recruitment to open up one of our franchises, you just need to have the passion to become an entrepreneur and the drive to run a successful healthcare recruitment business.

You’ll need to be able to function in a fast-paced environment and spin multiple plates. You will want to build and adopt an amazing culture for your community that will be ready to support your agency workers and clients to give their best possible support to the vulnerable. We don’t do egos here. 

As a franchisee, you will be responsible for short listing and interviewing candidates to match them to your client’s needs. You will make sure the relevant due diligence has been completed across all employment checks such as right to work status, DBS applications and references. You will be great at developing and maintaining relationships that will help you make sure you are putting the right staff, with the right skills to every one of your clients. Not only must you be willing to learn how to run the franchise system, but you must also be prepared to learn a whole host of skills that may be new to you. 

Using our expert expertise and experience, we assist you in recruiting the right people for your team. As your business grows, so does your team. Over time your role will develop to the point where you have a senior management team in place, so you can focus on leading the business, rather than the day-to-day operations. We will support you in managing the existing team, ensuring they feel supported and are able to develop further under your leadership to achieve goals.  

When you as a franchisee invest in a franchise, you are not buying a job. You are investing in the development of your own client loyalty.

Get to know some of our existing franchisees and learn about their background before joining the Tezlom Franchise network. 

Kulvir Kooner

Previously: Finance analyst in a pharmaceutical company 

Territory: Uxbridge, Hayes & Slough

Franchise Partner Since: June 2010

Maurice Asemah

Previously: Owner of six coffee shops for many years

Territory: Stratford & Ilford

Franchise Partner Since: December 2020

Jai & Usha Ramdin

Previously: Usha was previously external affairs officer for Kew Gardens and Jai is a Property Consultant and current business owner in the properties industry.

Territory: Kingston & Sutton

Franchise Partner Since: June 2021

Raghav Prasad

Previously:  Previously an analyst for the NHS, Test and Trace

Territory: Reading

Franchise Partner Since: June 2021

Dr. Sarb Singh

Previously: Owned a domiciliary healthcare franchise 

Territory: Hitchin

Franchise Partner Since: October 2014

Carol Fitzpatrick

Previously: Nurse

Territory: Airdrie

Franchise Partner Since: April 2017

Samuel Smith

Previously: Transport Manager

Territory: Kent

Franchise Partner Since: August 2021

Lesley Jackson

Previously: Dance Charity CEO

Territory: Doncaster

Franchise Partner Since: October 2021

Hima Chaudhary

Previously: Nurse

Territory: Reading

Franchise Partner Since: June 2021

Kevin Fitzpatrick

Previously: MD of Steel Manufacturer 

Territory: Glasgow

Franchise Partner Since: April 2017 (Joined Wife Carol Dec 2021)

Kamel Ousaadi

Previously: Service Manager of a learning disabilities trust.

Territory: Islington

Franchise Partner Since: 2013