Tezlom Hitchin Director Sarb

Are you thinking about buying a Tezlom Franchise? Have a listen to what Sarb, our Hitchin Franchisee has to say. We're Tezlom™ Healthcare Recruitment Agency - Finding Places For People That Care. Thank you for watching this video. Please subscribe, ...
| Feb 26, 2020

Tezlom Franchise Review - What do You Learn From Running Your Franchise Business?

Find out what Kulvir has learnt over the years from starting his franchise in September 2012. If you’re looking at a franchise it’s always important to speak to current franchisees and find out about their story, how they began ...
| Aug 05, 2021

Tezlom Franchise Review - Four Weeks in With Usha the Director of Tezlom Kingston

In this video you’ll see Director of Tezlom, Ryan Armitage, talk to one of our newest franchisees, Usha Ramdin about the journey since joining Tezlom and how its going so far down in the wonderful Kingston. We cover the ...
| Aug 05, 2021

Do You Want the Opportunity to Help Your Community With a Franchise?

With a Tezlom franchise, you can find places for people that care, providing jobs for your local community. Find out why Usha has opened her Tezlom franchise and what she loves most about her healthcare franchise. If you’re looking ...
| Aug 05, 2021

Three Months Into Franchising With Sharon, the Business Development Manager at Tezlom Stratford.

In this video, Roz Armitage, Director of Tezlom, will speak to the Business Development Manager, Sharon, at our franchise in Stratford to find out what her role consists of and what she enjoys most about working for a Tezlom franchise. ...
| Aug 05, 2021

Tezlom Franchise Review - Are You Ready for Your Next Career Challenge?

Tezlom franchise offers you the opportunity to open your own healthcare recruitment agency. Find out about Director of Tezlom Reading, Ragav, journey of opening his franchise over the last two months, including while he talks about the challenges he has ...
| Aug 05, 2021

Do You Want to be Your Own Boss of a Franchise?

Find out from Sarb, Director of Tezlom Hitchin, why he chose to open a franchise with Tezlom and what his journey of beginning his franchise over the last four years has been like. If you’re looking at a franchise, ...
| Aug 05, 2021

Franchsie Q&A With Sonia & Roz

Meet Sonia, Senior Healthcare Consultant of 4 months, at our Tezlom Dartford franchise. In this video, Roz Armitage, Director of Tezlom, will speak to Sonia about what her job role at the amazing Dartford office entails and what she likes most ...
| Aug 05, 2021

From Coffee to Care Work! #careerchange #healthcareindustry

Find out what Maurice, Director of Tezlom Ilford, enjoys and gains from running a franchise, from gaining purpose to obtaining a better understanding of the outside world. If you’re looking at a franchise, it’s always important to hear ...
| Aug 05, 2021

Tezlom Franchise Review. Why Choose Tezlom to Open a Franchise With?

Jai, Director of Tezlom Kingston and Sutton, explains why he chose Tezlom instead of a McDonalds Franchise. Tezlom is all about community, and as a Tezlom franchisee, you will be supported with your development and running your franchise. We're Tezlom™ ...
| Sep 14, 2021

It's Been A Whirl Wind! - Director of Tezlom Doncaster, Lesley Jackson

Lesley the Director of the Doncaster Franchsie telling her story so far at a Tezlom Franchisee and how she made her decision.
| Feb 08, 2022

Partners in Marriage and Business! - Carol and Kevin. Tezlom Central Scotland

Married couple Carol and Kevin talk about the journey they started in 2017. Carol was a nurse and wanted to create her own business using the knowledge she had and Kevin recently joined her in January 2022 from the steel industry.
| Feb 08, 2022