When business ownership comes home: how family can become the beating heart of a franchise operation

When business ownership comes home: how family can become the beating heart of a franchise operation
Published on Aug 23, 2023 by Tezlom 

Have you ever found yourself thinking about just how brilliant it would be to launch a business with someone you love? Have you also heard one too many times that you should never bring your career home with you? Well, we at Tezlom don’t support that notion. In fact, we think the two can work in perfect harmony when entrepreneurs are placed in the right environment. Why? Because Tezlom, put simply, has grown with family at its core. Thanks to our mother-son duo, Ryan and Roz, founding Tezlom in 2008, our entire brand has proven the concept of how, when operating in an environment that shuns the stigma and champions innovation, family can become the beating heart of an entire business.

We know business ownership isn’t the easiest thing in the world. It takes commitment, graft and a whole lot of overtime to turn an operation into a truly successful one. But with that being said, who wouldn’t want a family member by their side, sharing that responsibility? With Tezlom being born from family coming together during times of hardship, our brand has consistently proven that it’s family that can be the determining factor of success.

It’s all about legacy

Of course, we’re not saying family is the beginning and end of entrepreneurs’ dynamic and exciting journeys. There are plenty of solo franchisees in the Tezlom ‘family’ that consistently prove there are more ways than one to demonstrate the power of franchise ownership! And with franchising being a perfect balance between operating within a wide, collaborative network while running and nurturing your own business, it’s impossible to discount the opportunity everyone has to forge their own individual success. But with our fast-growing network being made up of people from a diverse range of backgrounds, we see one consistent driving force behind all of them: creating a legacy.

Since the industry’s earliest days, franchising has always served as a vehicle for those looking to forge a legacy in business. Whether it’s the freedom to run a business in a local community, being given guidance and well-structured support in a professional development journey or simply having the motivation to say, “I’ve got this!” – leaving a legacy in the healthcare recruitment industry is incredibly important to franchisees joining us today. And what better brand than Tezlom to celebrate the importance of those who inspire us to do more?

“It’s brilliant to see so many entrepreneurs recognise the value of family when it comes to creating their own legacy,” explains Ryan. “Family is, always has been and always will be the beating heart of Tezlom. And with so many franchisees joining today to create their own family business while equally securing their family’s future, that core value is being strengthened by the day. There’s no ‘right’ way to do business – but we know for sure that, with a supportive family close by, our franchisees are certainly creating a legacy we can all be proud of.

“It’s imperative that family partnerships appreciate individual strengths and do everything they can to support one another. Our different skillsets and understanding where to ‘draw the lines’ consistently help my mum and I transition between our professional and personal relationships. It’s this unwritten understanding which can certainly be maximised in any family dynamic – while every family is different, there are always ways to find common ground and identify what it is that makes your relationship special and unique. So, as you’re entering this next exciting chapter, check in regularly in a wound down setting and take each day as it comes – your partnership means you have each other’s backs, so enjoy the process!”

From head office to our incredible team of recruiters up and down the country, Tezlom is affirming its position as the go-to brand for entrepreneurs not only looking for an extended family in business, but as a means of creating a legacy for their own family. Whether it’s about creating a legacy, securing your family’s future, or if you’re simply motivated to become co-owners of a successful franchise operation and forge a shared career, Tezlom is the place where business meets family in 2023. 

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