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Pioneering the empathetic approach in healthcare recruitment

With a staggering 74% of employees highlighting wellness strategies as one of the key elements to achieving job satisfaction1, it is becoming increasingly important for ethical franchise brands to establish a foundation of maintaining their teams’ well-being.

| Feb 28, 2023

Starting as we mean to go on

Prospective franchisees are consistently reminded of the incredible opportunity they have to truly make a mark on their local communities and on the lives of the people they serve. And that opportunity has never been so applicable to what we do here at Tezlom, as franchisees are given the opportunity to place dedicated, expert care workers in vital roles in their communities.

| Feb 13, 2023

Ending the year on a high across the Tezlom network

This month has been nothing short of incredible for us all at Tezlom. Not just business as usual, December has seen our ever-growing, evergreen network celebrate some huge milestones and industry successes that will help see us into the new year in the right way.

| Dec 20, 2022

Meet the Franchisee - Introducing: Carol
We have been speaking with Carol who has been a Tezlom franchise owner since 2017

Here at Tezlom, we believe that each of our franchisees is a part of the wider Tezlom family. They are instrumental to the success of Tezlom as a whole and without them, there would be no franchise. This is why we have decided to give each franchise owner the opportunity to share a little more about themselves and the unique skills and abilities which they bring to their franchise.

| Jul 14, 2022

CEO Meets with Pip Wilkins and Ryan Armitage

Director Ryan Armitage got to virtually Meet Up with Pip Wilkins the CEO of the BFA.


Our first brand pillar is Transparency, whether that’s with our staff, franchisees or candidates...

Brand Ethos | Apr 24, 2019