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Let’s talk about empathy

The modern business scape has bid adieu to the uptight nature of suits and briefcases – and we at Tezlom could not be happier about it! With corporate curtains pulled open thanks to the nature of social media and online forums, cultures of openness, vulnerability and empathy have become key drivers behind brand success and growth in 2023. And with Tezlom continuing to see incredible growth with entrepreneurs seeking caring communities where they have the freedom to flourish, it has never been more important for us to celebrate not only the human touch, but the humane touch in equal parts.

| Jun 29, 2023

Leading the way for supporting mental health in the franchise industry

This year’s Mental Health Week was focused on the theme of anxiety. For some, it was their introduction to the importance of managing mental health effectively and the dangers of allowing anxiety to take hold of their lives. However, with two of Tezlom’s core pillars being Transparency and Zealous, which sees our entire team driven by providing a helping hand where we can, we believe it is equally important to discuss mental health in franchising.

| May 31, 2023

The importance of going the extra mile in the franchise industry

With expo season well underway following an incredibly successful weekend meeting prospects at the International Franchise Show, it is the ideal time to discuss why it is vital that we continue taking every opportunity to be a leading voice in franchising.

| Apr 25, 2023

The importance of sustaining innovation and growth

At Tezlom, we regularly discuss our six core pillars of Transparency, Equality, Zealous, Loyalty, Organic and Motivation. And as we celebrate a period of significant growth and success, these pillars have never been more important to us in demonstrating to prospects, new franchisees and our existing franchise network that they are not just in our DNA - they are our DNA.

| Apr 05, 2023

Pioneering the empathetic approach in healthcare recruitment

With a staggering 74% of employees highlighting wellness strategies as one of the key elements to achieving job satisfaction1, it is becoming increasingly important for ethical franchise brands to establish a foundation of maintaining their teams’ well-being.

| Feb 28, 2023

Starting as we mean to go on

Prospective franchisees are consistently reminded of the incredible opportunity they have to truly make a mark on their local communities and on the lives of the people they serve. And that opportunity has never been so applicable to what we do here at Tezlom, as franchisees are given the opportunity to place dedicated, expert care workers in vital roles in their communities.

| Feb 13, 2023