The Team

Roz Armitage

Providing support with all aspects of the business including the everyday running’s and specialising in financial support.

Ryan Armitage

Finalising all aspects of Franchise set up, providing on-going support with all aspects of the business and specialising within business development.

Zoe Perry
Head of Recruitment

First point of contact, Zoe will support you with the initial set up and arrangement of your franchise and provide on-going support with all operation needs specialising in recruitment and advertising.

Amanda Dollah
Compliance Manager

Covering all areas of compliance, ensuring legislation and regulations are met and providing support with external and internal audits.

Alison Twiss
Care & Bookings Manager

Providing support maintaining relationships with current clients and agency workers, covering staffing requirements and advice in safeguarding.

Jonny Raven
Payroll & Accounts Manager

Providing guidance and support setting up clients, processing payroll and keeping on top of your invoicing.

Oliver Beaumont
Client Relations Consultant

Instigating new client meetings, maintaining client relationships and advise on sales techniques.