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Care about people? Put care into action, with a Tezlom franchise - a Healthcare Recruitment business specialising in placing Healthcare Assistants, Support Workers, and Registered Nurses in the right places. 

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A Business Built For Care

Starting a new business can be a minefield of red tape and uncertainty. Reduce the hassle of starting your own health care recruitment business, with the support of the Tezlom franchise model. 

Our franchise partners are a community of people who care about others, meaning you truly benefit from being part of a compassionate culture. We know our franchisees invest their heart into their Tezlom business, so we invest ours into helping you as you grow and develop yours. 

Jai, Tezlom
Kingston & Sutton

“My wife, Usha, and I bought into the Tezlom community. When we met everyone at Head Office, we knew we would be well-supported to develop our business."

Start Changing People’s Lives For The Better, Today

As the UK population grows older, there is increasing awareness of the value delivered by supported care. Running a healthcare agency delivers an efficient and cost-effective solution for the care industry, who are often in urgent demand to provide high-standard social care.

Many Nurses and Carers choose not to have permanent jobs, due to childcare and other family commitments. So, the flexible arrangements they receive as an agency worker, suits them better. With your new Tezlom business, you’ll bridge the gap: Supplying staff to the health and social care sector whilst supporting them with flexible working.

Since we started in 2008, Tezlom has grown, substantially, and currently has over 40 offices, with more than 500 agency staff delivering care right across the UK. So, when you choose to start your own Tezlom agency, we’re committed to providing you with all the tools and training, to grow it successfully. 

Even without experience in either healthcare or recruitment, with the right passion and drive, you’ll build a business you love. 

Hands-on training to give you a confident start.

A comprehensive and supportive onboarding process.

Exclusive access to the Tezlom 24-hour learning management system.

Guidance on all policies and procedures as your business grows.

Our continual support for your mental health and wellbeing, as well as for your business journey.

We are accredited for your peace of mind, by:

A Community You’ll be Proud to Join

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'100% of franchisees said they had leadership from the franchisor' - Independent WorkBuzz survey May 2021

Values to grow by


We maintain an open and honest approach with our franchisees, to ensure their business thrives and succeeds. 


We firmly believe everyone deserves a chance, and to be treated in an equal and fair way, free from prejudice and preference, regardless of circumstance. 


We pride ourselves on being zealous: always ready to offer a helping hand as we make people's lives a little easier; and dedicated to cultivating an environment for success.


Loyalty is close to our hearts: the very fabric of our brand. We’re family: a core value inspired within everyone at Tezlom. When times are hard, we’re there to pick-up those around us, dust them off, and point them back down the right path. 


What separates us from our competitors? We truly care about people. We invest time, energy, and effort into our people, recognising the individual requires something different, from their peers, in order to develop and succeed. 


Everything we do – as an individual, and as a brand – has to be motivated by a reason. Unless we all understand our ‘why’, time and energy are wasted. It’s common practice to set concise, yet achievable, goals as both a team and individuals, striving to become better than we were yesterday.

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Download our free Franchise Prospectus and gain insight about joining our rapidly growing network of Tezlom Franchise Partners.